Poschacher International Ltd
About us

About us

Poschacher International Ltd is based in Hong Kong because of it’s strong connection to China. The recent years we were focusing on the Asien Market by developing international Projects in different areas such as education, construction or investment.

Our driving force is the great interest in new things. We live the change with our partners, no task is too small for us and no challenge too big.

We’re specialized in carrying out complex, international projects. A worldwide network of partners, contacts and access to leaders throughout the whole value chain makes Poschacher International Ltd a very efficient partner for the development and realization of your projects.

Real estate, mining, renewable energy, gemstones, diamonds, new technologies, biotech, manufacturing just to name a few of the industries, we are working with. I’m interested in whatever makes the world a better place.

We Have 15 Years Experience
Our Company has been established by a dedicated team of professionals from key core sectors to deliver their clients a complete skill-set from product sourcing, product development manufacturing, testing and certification….
Export Import, Customs Clearance, Warehousing & Logistics to Supply-Chain to the final customer.

Our Mission
To be our customer’s first choice as a leading global supplier of protective equipment and solutions with unparalleled supply chain and customer relationships.

Our Vision
To inspire hope and contribute in any way we can, to work protection by providing the best products and solutions to every client through integrated business practices, education and constant research in materials and manufacturing processes.

Our Stratagies
Our strategies is to provide customers and partners with innovative products, programs and services to improve protection and improve work efficiency.